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bison one stop

serving every student with attention and care.

bison one stop is a place where lipscomb students go to find answers to questions about financial aid, payments, registration, security, technology support, and more. our team serves all of our student populations: undergraduate, graduate, veteran, transfer and commuter.

the bison one stop website is available around-the-clock. the robust frequently asked questions section below provides an organized way to find answers to your questions.

in addition to this online resource, for in-person help students may visit the bison one stop help desk located in the lobby of crisman. the bison one stop team is there to serve you monday through friday from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. 

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common questions, fast answers

how do i get to my lipscomb portal to make online payments?

online payments for any balances on your account can be made using nelnet. to access nelnet, first open your cns student portal from the all apps section of in the cns student portal, navigate to my finances > nelnet payment/plans > launch nelnet *. additional instructions for setting up and making payments can be found within nelnet or by clicking here

*note that currently nelnet must be opened on a desktop or laptop computer, and will typically not work on mobile devices, as many do not support opening pop-up windows.

how do i request transcripts?

lipscomb uses a service for transcript request. you can learn more about transcript requests on the registrar's website.

current students can initiate a transcript request or alumni can initial a transcript request using lipscomb's partner parchment.

where can i find my lipscomb id #?

go to the portal and navigate to - all apps - cns student portal-my profile. your lipscomb id # is also located on your student id card.

which portal do i use for what?

as a new student, you have access to many portals, so it can be difficult to remember which one to use for which tasks. here is a quick reference guide to help with some of the confusion:

  • bison portal: this is used throughout the admissions process to give you a central location for the many tasks you need to perform as you're getting ready to start your college journey. you may still need to log in here to update some information or check a couple things, but once you have enrolled and registered in some classes for your first semester, you typically should not need to return here.
  • mylipscomb portal: this is your hub as a current student for all things lipscomb. this is where you get access to things like your school email and canvas to engage in online activities for your classes. you will also find links to important areas of the campus like the registrar, financial aid offices, and campus security. you can also find resources and additional how-tos to help you with your lipscomb experience! access the mylipscomb portal by going to
  • student portal (cns student portal): this is where you can find all information related to your current program(s) of study at lipscomb. you will see things like your academic standing and gpa, any holds on your account, your current advisors, and any documents or tasks you must complete related to your enrollment. this is also where you can see your current financial aid information and accept an aid offer for your program. 
    • the student portal is also where you will go each semester to register for classes or view your current class schedule. it is important to be familiar with the registration portal, so you can have as smooth of a registration process as possible. for additional information on registration, see how do i register for classes each semester? you may access the student portal from the all apps section of the mylipscomb portal (note that it is called the cns student portal here).

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financial aid and scholarships

we're proud of the fact that we've been listed as a top school for return on investment and that our student debt at graduation is below average.

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classes and registration

our office of the registrar provides you with paperwork, transcripts, records and more to make sure you successfully graduate and find purposeful work after college. because at lipscomb, we don’t just focus on what you do — every part of our institution, from our faculty to our records staff, cares about who you are becoming.

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business office and payments

this office helps ensure you understand your financial situation and are set up for a successful school year. lipscomb is responsible for maintaining records of all student accounts and payments, allowing you to be at ease with your educational pursuits.

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security and parking

lipscomb’s office of security and safety works 24/7/365 to maintain a safe and secure environment on the campuses of both the university and the two academy campuses.