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once a bison, always a bison. you may have left our campus, but our community is always here for you.

return for a game, network with your local alumni, mentor a current student—there are loads of ways for you to stay involved and active (which, you may recall, was true when you were a student, too).

when you graduate from lipscomb, you move into a new role in the lipscomb family—alumnus! our national programs include special benefits and services, on campus and off, just for our alumni. finishing your degree is just the first stage of your lifelong relationship with lipscomb.

serving alumni worldwide

alumni return to campus


no matter where you live; no matter how old you are; no matter how long ago you graduated, you can rekindle the lipscomb spirit by attending one of our events designed to meet your needs as an alumnus. whether you seek the community of the bison herd, career networking or fellowship with old classmates, you will find the lipscomb spirit thriving at these events.

lipscomb community volunteers


college was an amazing time in your life! today you can draw on those positive experiences to fuel your life and career today by staying connected and active with your fellow lipscomb alumni. volunteering, and planning a reunion or just catching up with other bisons online are all ways you can enhance your own life while also enhancing the lives of current and future lipscomb students.

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being a bison comes with benefits. from on-campus discounts, to career networking, you can enjoy the privileges of alumni status.

lifelong learning in florence, italy

lifelong learning & travel

just because you have left your full-time college days behind, doesn’t mean you ever quit learning. lipscomb offers various opportunities for alumni from one-day lunch-and-learn sessions to global trips that last for days. two sessions of lifelong learning courses are held each year with topics of interest from pop culture, local history, current politics and global understanding.

lifelong learning & travel
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the first step in attending an event, volunteering to serve the lipscomb community, taking a course and much more all starts with the office of alumni relations staff. say hello to the people dedicated to serving you.

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join our community of purposeful minds and passionate hearts. we look forward to getting to know you.