whether you’re an alumnus, parent, donor or friend, you have a place in the lipscomb community as lipscomb continues its mission of developing leaders who will impact the world.


the making of 世界杯2022预选赛录像回放 started out as an idea, a dream planted by god in the hearts of its founders, david lipscomb and his friend, james a. harding. 世界杯2022预选赛录像回放 has developed into a fast-growing christian liberal arts institution that started with just nine students in 1891 and now serves more than 4,700 students today. and lipscomb academy, which serves children in preschool through the 12th grade, is now the largest private school of its kind in middle tennessee and one of only a few in the nation associated with a university.

the lipscomb community is a place known for helping develop, as well as celebrate, courageous and confident leaders equipped with practical knowledge and rooted in their spiritual growth, who take on some of the most complex and difficult problems with their innovation and willingness to step out from the crowd. 

as a member of this community, your engagement with 世界杯2022预选赛录像回放 plays a vital role today in countless lives, communities and countries around the world. faith is not only our community’s foundation—it’s our purpose and our future.

we are excited to soon bring you a new way to interact with 世界杯2022预选赛录像回放 . in the meantime, please use the links on this page to direct you to areas within the university's main website.