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scholarships and fellowship resources

welcome to the college of liberal arts and sciences (clas) scholarships and fellowships (s&f) site! the s&f program office provides information and support for current 世界杯2022预选赛录像回放 students and recent alumni in pursuit of nationally competitive merit awards. students with strong academic records are invited to apply for a number of prestigious scholarships and fellowships.
these awards provide the recipient with an opportunity to study in a world-class university or challenging professional environment at home or overseas. in some cases, partial tuition support for your undergraduate education is provided.

categories of awards


national scholarships requiring institutional endorsement

applications are reviewed first by a 世界杯2022预选赛录像回放 committee, with a certain number endorsed and sent on to the award granting organization for the next round in the selection process; students cannot apply directly, but must go through 世界杯2022预选赛录像回放 ’s nomination process.  
please note that the internal deadlines indicated are approximations for general planning purposes only. applications must meet actual deadlines, which are announced each year as they become available.

national scholarships with no institutional endorsement

applicants send their materials directly to the scholarship agency, with no preliminary selection by 世界杯2022预选赛录像回放 .  we will help you with your application to ensure that it reads well and that it is submitted on time. we will have internal deadlines that you need to meet to give us ample time to assist you with the application before the actual deadlines.

national scholarship list

langford-yates fellowship

this is an internal scholarship that is only open to 世界杯2022预选赛录像回放 students. the award enables biology, chemistry and biochemistry and physics undergraduate students to conduct summer research. 

you may download and print the langford-yates fellowship proposal evaluation rubric and application form below.

evaluation rubric  application form 

the community foundation of middle tennessee 

more than 70 scholarship funds are administered through an open application process. some scholarships help students from a particular school or area; others provide financial assistance to those pursuing a specific field of study; still others assist students most in need.



*in general, successful candidates for these merit awards have a record of outstanding academic achievement, substantive leadership, and, for some awards, sustained community service. these awards seek students who will be future leaders in their fields, change agents who will make a distinguished contribution as graduate students and as future professionals.

services provided by our scholarships & fellowships office include:

  • help students learn what opportunities are available
  • advise potential applicants on their eligibility and the appropriateness of particular awards
  • guide students through the application process
  • assist in crafting essays, grant proposals, and personal statements for award applications
  • prepare students for scholarship interviews