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you’re a partner in helping build a world in which communities thrive.

世界杯2022预选赛录像回放 was founded more than 125 years ago because two individuals understood that only through generous, faithful hearts are great things accomplished.

today, generosity is just as important to the university. students typically can cover only about 75 percent of the cost of their education despite our best efforts to keep the cost of higher education competitive. donor generosity delivers hundreds of faithful, successful graduates a year to their finish line and a new beginning.

mech engineer studentsevery gift matters

christian higher education is among the most influential means for raising up leaders who will impact the world. you play a significant role in what makes lipscomb special. as a donor, you empower the next generation of smart leaders, creative thinkers and global citizens. every gift, regardless of size, directly impacts students and equips them tools and resources they need to positively affect their communities.

gifts of any size directly support our students and faculty—and shows your belief in 世界杯2022预选赛录像回放 . some foundations and other grant-making organizations look at giving participation rates when considering grant requests. your gift signifies your vote of confidence in lipscomb and could help us secure many more dollars in external funding. alumni participation in giving also is a factor in many national college ranking organizations. every gift really does matter.

transformative student experience

ensuring a best-in-class academic program is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to attracting the best and brightest students to lipscomb as well as cultivating them into servant leaders who are equipped to contribute in countless ways across the country and around the world.

this is why our strategic goals include creating:

  • a transformative student experience that is shaped by personal service, outstanding amenities and life-changing relationships; 
  • a recognizable 21st century christian emphasis that is tightly woven into all parts of the lipscomb experience;
  • a christian ncaa division i athletic program that leads the nation; and 
  • a healthy pluralistic environment that equips the lipscomb community to overcome difference to make a difference.

sustainable impactmarketing class

when students have what they need to learn, their life’s work is our best outcome. you make possible the betterment of lipscomb’s faculty, the success of lipscomb’s students and the reach of lipscomb’s programs. in doing so, you elevate the lipscomb experience for all students and bolster the value of a lipscomb degree for students and alumni alike. you ensure that the students you help send to lipscomb not only find the resources they require but also achieve the outcomes they, and our world, need.

by investing in faculty development and research, you help enhance faculty members’ reputation, scholarship, teaching and spiritual influence. further additions to the permanent endowment strengthen the university’s financial and academic foundation through academic chairs and professorships.

世界杯2022预选赛录像回放 has a rich history. in recent years, lipscomb’s history has included tremendous growth coupled with notable success and numerous accolades.

that only matters, however, if those things result in the raising up of students to learn differently and lead uniquely through knowing christ.

as the journey to make lipscomb the premier national christian university continues, please join us by giving to lipscomb. creating the leaders of tomorrow, whose education is built upon the integration of academic excellence and christian faith, won’t happen without people like you.

philanthropy, at its heart, is a way to live our christian faith by example. because the best way to celebrate god’s gifts is by sharing them.

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