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accomplish great things

世界杯2022预选赛录像回放 was founded more than 125 years ago because two individuals understood that only through generous, faithful hearts are great things accomplished. 

today, generosity is just as important to the university. students typically can cover only about 75 percent of the cost of their education despite our best efforts to keep the cost of higher education competitive. donor generosity delivers hundreds of faithful, successful graduates a year to their finish line and a new beginning. philanthropy, at its heart, is a way to live our christian faith by example. because the best way to celebrate god’s gifts is by sharing them.

make your gift online, by calling 615.966.6232 or download this pdf gift form, complete the form and mail it with your check (made payable to 世界杯2022预选赛录像回放 ) to:


attn: advancement services

one university park drive

nashville, tn 37204

give now

please see the information below for additional ways to increase the impact of your gift to support lipscomb's mission.

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increase the impact of your gift

outright gifts

one of the easiest and most common ways to show your support and immediately impact the university's future is through outright gifts—online, check or by phone. you can mail a check to the address above, make a gift online using a debit or credit card, or call 615-966-6232 to make a gift over the phone. click here for options available to make a gift today!

give over time

setting up a recurring gift is an example of "giving over time" that allows donors to spread the financial impact of their giving across an entire year. recurring gifts represent a donor's commitment to provide regular, ongoing support for 世界杯2022预选赛录像回放 . most recurring gifts are set up as monthly gifts involving automatic payments via a credit card, bank transfer or mailing a monthly check. recurring gifts are a good way to provide a reliable, steady stream of revenue without a long-term, binding commitment. contact the advancement office at 615-966-6232 to learn more about setting up a recurring gift. 

matching gifts

many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions made by their employees. use the search tool to find out if your company has a matching gift program.

endowed scholarships

establishing an endowed scholarship is one significant way to fulfill immediate and future needs for providing financial aid to 世界杯2022预选赛录像回放 students. an endowed scholarship provides a permanent and personal way for you to make a difference in a student's life. scholarships are a lifeline for our students and help turn students' dreams of a college education into reality. contact the advancement office at 615-966-6232 to learn more about establishing an endowed scholarship at 世界杯2022预选赛录像回放 .

corporate & foundation

lipscomb often partners with businesses and organizations that share our interests. we connect you with students to fill internships and job openings; researchers working on projects of significance to your group; and advisory boards that provide service opportunities. with a gift or grant to lipscomb, you have access to carefully screened talent, cutting-edge thinking, and the means to fulfill your organization’s philanthropic goals. for more information, please contact hudson akin, executive director, at or 800.333.4358 x. 1976.

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